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Originally Posted by Bowman26 View Post
... Try shooting Target air rifle silhouette outdoors if you want a real challenge. 10m Target air rifles designed to shoot 33' Indoors shooting out to 45 Yards at Rams outdoors will get your wind reading skills sharpened fast. Or a chicken at 20 yards that size of your thumbnail.
Yup! We shoot air rifle silhouette on Wednesday afternoon practices during the summer and regularly scheduled matches every month throughout the year. I'm really glad we have an active air rifle silhouette community down here in Texas and Louisiana.

Target rifle is especially tough. Follow-through must be much better than smallbore and, as Bowman mentions, the wind can crush your spirit if you're not paying close attention. We had 10-15 MPH winds two days a go and was absolutely thrilled that I managed a 30.

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