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As a recently passed silhouette shooter I knew once said. "It's not that they're hard to hit, they're just really easy to miss!" So very true. If you are not up for a challenge this is not the game for you. I started shooting it because I was invited and enjoy shooting. It also helps is you ever dreamed of shooting 5 shot groups like this offhand (no sling)

Try shooting Target air rifle silhouette outdoors if you want a real challenge. 10m Target air rifles designed to shoot 33' Indoors shooting out to 45 Yards at Rams outdoors will get your wind reading skills sharpened fast. Or a chicken at 20 yards that size of your thumbnail.

Overall bench shooting just bores me to tears. Shooting High Power Rams at 550 yards and watching them fall is a thrill. You just have to actually hit them.

I've seen more 1st timers come and never return after thinking they could never compete with the Master shooters. We ran a money shoot at the end of a match, $2 for a shot at a 1/5 SB chicken placed on the ram line at 110 yards. I shot 2 out of 3 off the rail and as I looked back the new guy was shaking his head and we never say him again.

Everyone is a crack shot at hunting camps and around ranges, right up until you put a rifle in their hands and say shoot that little target standing on your own legs no bench or rest of any kind lol.
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