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Originally Posted by Sitka Charlie View Post

I worked out of Orofino in 1979 and 1980 as a USFS fishery technician, was fired for the accelerated timber harvest, and the following week went to work with IDF&G from Jerome to Coeur d'Alene (establishing instream flow survey stations at Latour Creek at Cataldo, lower Salmon River tributaries between Cottonwood and Whitebird, and a few other places, before a stint on the white sturgeon research project between Bliss and Twin Falls).

State Hospital North was in Orofino... on a nice shortcut trail from Ahsahka to BDO (Beautiful Downtown Orofino). After we closed down the big Airport Open House at KCOE (Coeur d'Alene Airport) in August 2012, I met the woman who wrote the insurance policy for Nightforce Optics.
We're having an Open Hangars event at KCOE April 23, 2016 at 2 p.m. as Murdo Cameron and Burt Rutan are opening their hangars to the public. I've been contacting EAA chapters form the Rockies to the Cascades, and we attended tonight's meeting of the Early Ford V8 Club in Spokane this evening, and will try to attract more classic cars and trucks. Cd'A Elks will be cooking burgers... Come see a few Allison V1710 engines, carbon fiber Unlimited hydroplane, carbon fiber full-size P-51 Mustang, Burt Rutan's 47th airplane build, and more.

We started Aviation Club this year, so www.aviation4all.org will be under construction. Indoor RC flying course, PC-flight simulators, Aircraft Construction Techniques and more activities for kids of all ages and abilities.

Contact me as newsletter editor at http://www.cdaairport.org

Time to revive the Idaho thread!

Boy, I wish I could turn the clock back about 2 1/2 years and make this event! The Rutan brothers are two of my favorite aviation characters. The book, "Voyager", by his older brother, Dick and Jeana Yeager (no relation to Chuck) about the 1st non-stop flight around the world without refueling, is an awesome read!

Would have loved to been there and been a part of this, what must have been an incredible event!

Oh yeah... Boise, another born & raised with a decade detour in Oregon (another, not bad state!).
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