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Originally Posted by bubba68 View Post
Have you changed the mag catch or made any mods to it? I have seen a couple posts with the same problem you have and the fired case was hitting the top of the mag knocking it off of the extractor before it got back to the ejector to be kicked out of the ejection port.

You said you put a new extractor and ejector in the gun and it does it with different mags so that should eliminate them from the cause. Plus you changed the bolt out for another.

I would check the position of the mags to see if they are setting up a little higher than they used to.
In order to eliminate the mag release as a possible cause, I swapped another Mark II lower in, and produced exactly the same result.

I'm beginning to think the cause might be related to the chamber. It seems like the cases might be "slow" to extract, and the ejector doesn't have a chance to kick it free before the bolt catches the expended case. I'm thinking maybe a burr or something in the chamber is causing too much drag on the case. I'm going to try some JB Bore Paste to polish the chamber and see if that helps at all.

Beyond that, it's a real head-scratcher.
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