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jon spencer
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I will use black rouge when I want to remove rough spots and or when I start to polish. It does cut fairly quickly though.
As for brands, I generally buy whatever Amazon or Zoro has the best deal on.
I use white, green, red, blue and black depending on what I am sharpening.
But, I did find a good selection and quantity that did not have any markings at a garage sale, works as well as any that I have bought online.
For extremely fine polishing I use the diamond compounds that I get from Kingsleynorth.com their compounds get as fine as 100,000 grit.
For a even finer compound, I got a bag of glass lens polishing compound from surplusshed.com I don’t know what it’s grit is but it is extremely fine, inexpensive too.
For those compounds, I put a little mineral on the buffing wheels, leather strop or cotton cloth and just a little bit of the compounds and work it in before polishing.
The diamond and lens compounds even work on ceramic blades, it does take awhile on the ceramic, you barely can tell you have removed anything even after several minutes of steady polishing.
I only do the compounds when I want to show off, puts a very sharp but non-lasting edge.
I have picked up many decent (but dull) knives at garage and estate sales for very good price.
Got a fair condition trout knife with a cracked and chipped handle that was made in Germany for 25 cents today, some epoxy and sharpening, should be able to get $5+ for it easy at the next local gun show, if I want to sell it.

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