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A little more clean up work...

Whenever possible, use an aid to achieve a straight line. In this case, a piece of thin steel clamped to the stock allows a straight line to be rasped. This is the bottom of the cheek piece. I want the port to be even with the bottom edge.

A rasp removes to much material. Use files or sand paper here. Keep a straightedge handy for checking lines.

I also did not like the slab sides, so they are rounded now. I like to use a board the width of the area to be sanded. My strokes are from the bottom to the top instead of front to back. In other words, sand the edges as much as the center..or you will create a dip. Do not sand your reference lines away.

Sanding blocks are useful in corners.

Examine your hand, and look at the grip of a stock. Match your hand in shaping the wood.

These holes are remnants for the cartridges holes that I plugged. Experiment a little.

Most rifle grips are not shaped according to the human hand. Look at your palm and see how your fingers extend from the palm in a radius. The first and fourth fingers are begin sooner that the middle two. When gripping a rifle, the little finger is most comfortable NOT being pushed forward as much as the middle two. My little finger should move further back. I need to reduce the grip diameter here. Since my finger / palm edge extended below the grip cap area, I need to extend the stock.

This looks like a piece of oak, but really is a grip extension. Grip cap area must be flat....this already is, so apply the epoxy and wait a day to rasp to fit.

Irregular areas may be clamped with a rubber band or two.

C clamp is to stop the rubber band from pulling the wood to far.

Finished and awaiting the rasp. The attached block is much larger than needed, but gluing a piece to large for the job is easier to work with than one that is to small.

More to come,


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