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You know, I'm not sure I ever tried it with the redi-mag adapter and S&W 15-22 mags. I will have to try that out myself. If I did, it obviously didn't work and I forgot the experiment entirely. If I can escape to the garage tonight, I'll see if it will cycle.

I think you're gonna like this setup. I can't sit here and tell you that one runs better than the other. I've got both and they both run great. I had some issues with one of the early Taccom3g collars and it's fit up to a cone-shaped breech. Ever since then, I just felt like the collar could be the source of some error. Unless something changes and someone figures out how to make the TacSol-type collar and starts chambering barrels for it, then you're stuck with their barrel. Not to mention TacSol isn't even producing them anymore. They Should.

The CMMG bolt with collar opens up the market to better (or worse) barrel makers. For us tinkerers, that's one benefit of the CMMG unit.

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