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No socks or olive oil, just...

Originally Posted by scooter22 View Post
Nice work all. Hey, besides the pics can you also include what your finish was and how you applied it? Just so if someone is interested they can have an idea of how to get there. Now if it's a old family receipt of BLO, stain and olive oil for the flavor and rubbed in with old socks ok.
No socks or olive oil, just lots of coats of Tung Oil. That's it, pretty simple, huh!!! Probably at least a dozen coats, because half or better gets sanded back off. Then the final coat of Tung oil with a bit of "rotten stone" to give it a nice satin glow. None of those stocks are finished yet, just thought you might like to know. Still need to fill some of the pores in the wood. That is what really takes so long.
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