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The 32 RF was a smaller dia. case than the S&W 32 CF Short and Long using a heeled bullet the same dia as the case, just like our beloved 22RF's.
Once CF came onto the scene it appears Colt's used the basic case and perhaps the bullet, several guns chambered to 32 RF that I have messed about with chamber up the Colts Short and Long if the RF chamber is for 'longs'. You will find the case dimensions in CotW spec pages and pretty sure there is a write up on them in the obsolete cartridge section.
Since your breech block doesnt drop far enough to chamber a cartridge I suspect someone has raised the block via the actuating linkage beneath to get the RF firing pin high enough to hit a CF primer. Note that it would be even worse trying to chamber a larger dia. S&W 32 cartridge. You need to get that sorted..... It might be that the Colts 32 Short might clear the block where the Long wont?
Also note that the full dia. bullet for the S&W that fits into that case mouth will not work in the smaller dia. Colts case, it would expand the case too wide to fit.
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