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Hi gcrank1. You put some doubt in my mind, so Iíve just had a quick look again at my Stevens. Itís marked FAVORITE on top of the receiver and MODEL 1915 on the tang. Serial number is U 675. The barrel carries the marking 32-LONG, and itís definitely centrefire. Iíve just checked again with an old fired cartridge. So I guess this maybe isnít the right forum for it!

Anyway, Iíve been having quite a bit of trouble trying to load for it. Thereís a small entry in Cartridges of the World for the .32 Long (CF). The .32 Long (CF) does seem to be different from the .32 S&W Long, even though it says in CotW that .32 S&W Long will work in most rifles chambered for .32 Long (CF). Iíve tried a .32 S&W L case in the breech and the case diameterís just a bit too large.

Thanks for the warning about reloaded .32 S&W ammo. Iíll watch it, if I ever get to that stage. So far the only case that looks like a good fit is the British .300 Rook, although itíd need a trimming.

But I have another problem Ė the breech block doesnít drop down far enough to let a cartridge in. It almost does, but the case just binds slightly on the top edge of the block. I guess Iím going to have to take it to piecesÖ
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