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Really in 32 S&W Long?
Ive seen them in 32RF and 25RF, not in CF cartridges, likely I aint seen everything though....
Both obsolete, unobtainium ammo. The last 're-issue' of so e 32RF (long ago now) that I knew of was out of Brazil?, expensive and Dismal.
Either is reline-able to 22RF, the 32 easiest to drill for the liner but the 25 the original firing pin position may work. Gotta do some careful measurements.
Some have offset the liner breech end to have the firing pin hit the right spot.
Converting the breech-block to reposition for 22LR or to CF is an advanced project fraught with error potential.
Fwiw I know of a 1915 orig. in 32rf that was set up to run the 32 Colts CF ammo (same case dia. as the 32RF) by converting the firing pin to CF. That ammo became scarce so the current owner reamed it to the bit larger dia. 32 S&W. It works Ok with light loads but No Way would I do this with an earlier, weaker model. Reloaded 32 S&W ammo spikes pressure Very Quickly.
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