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Stevens 32 long and 25 stevens

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Ok guys I need a little help with these, I ran across a stevens 32 long and a 25 stevens, both rolling block single shots. The 32 long is in great shape the stock has minor scratches and dings, the blung is nice but not perfect.

The 25 has a little surface rust that I think will clean up good, it's missing a small piece off the butt plate but think I can replace it without much trouble.

Bores are a little dark but also think they will clean up good.

My question is I can't figure out exactly what models they are, I was thinking 44's but then also the 1915''s
Patented date on both show I believe august of 1894. I didn't get pictures to post as I was in a hurry.

What would you all think the value of both would be, I put them both on a layaway as cancer bills get most of my extra cash so this was the only way I could get them.

I will reveal prices for them after hearing you all opinion.

Thanks in advance for any and all help you give.
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