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I happen to have a 7.25" SS Buckmark Contour URX, and took it out this morning for some comparisons to my HS Clone. Although it's hard to say for certain, it looks as if the Buckmark Halo will not work on our HS pistols (or my clone), at least not without major modifications. I didn't measure them, but the angles the serrations are cut at (on both pistols) appear about the same. The serrations on the BM are about 3/4" long (front to back) verses the HS/clone being about 1/2" long (although you could shorten the Halo by about a 1/4" in this area). The BM has widely-spaced flat-bottom and flat-sided serrations ("square cut serrations"), where as the HS/clone has angle-cut serrations. The spacing on the BM serrations is also further apart than on the HS/clone. It may be less of an issue, but the slide on the BM is a 1/16" taller than the HS/clone. Last, but not least, the wider "rear serration" on the BM (which is kind of like a pair of "mini dog-ears") is a 1/32" wider than the width of my clone's slide, and the rest of the BM slide (from side to side). Otherwise, both slides are the same roughly 13/16's of an inch wide.
If you were determined to use the BM Halo, I suppose you could shorten it's length and height, and if you're willing to risk squeezing in the sides of your slide, you could try the brute-force approach of tightening the heck out of the Halo's bolt in an attempt to "force" the serrations to conform to those on the HS/clone's. Otherwise a lot of filing and/or machining would be necessary to make it work, as I see things.
Being that the two slides are kind of "similar", and the same basic width, I guess it's possible to get lucky, and the Halo might just work anyway? But, given how much force is required to cock the HS/clone slides, I have serious doubts, even if the Halo did work initially, that it wouldn't last for very long. The questions then become, would you punch yourself in the face when it comes off, and would you break your nose?
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