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While discussing something totally unrelated last night, Alan told me that a fellow had ordered two X-Series guns, one for himself, and one for his father. Sadly, his father passed away, before the gun could be sent to him.

If you, or someone else reading this, wants the latest High Standard X-Series, lifetime warranty and a rail for a dot sight, let him know.

The way I see it, I love cars like a 57 chevy, but if was looking to buy a restored one, which would not "drive" as well as a new one, or a brand new version of the car with the latest internal upgrades, it wouldn't even be a choice. There are lots of guns that I would love to buy a brand new version of, if it was as good as, or better, than the original. That's how I feel about the gun Alan sent me - everything outside and inside is new, with a lifetime warranty.

Probably a not very good idea for a collector, but for a shooter, at what I think is a very low price, I would.... er, did... order one.

Given a choice between a S&W Model 41, brand new, made in the 70's, or a brand new one today from S&W, I would get the old one. If S&W were to offer the same gun, to the same precision, as the Model 41 of the 1970's, I'd probably already own one.

I think it's still $1.200.

Alan installed the slide racker for me. To me, it's worth its weight in 'unobtanium', not to mention my fingers are no longer getting all scarred up!!!
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