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Originally Posted by LoneWolfSS454 View Post
Holy Cocking Difficulties Batman!
I've been shooting an early 50's Supermatic for many decades, flawlessly I might add, and never once gave a second thought about pulling the slide to cock the hammer. It always racked as easy as my other .22 pistols with similar slide designs. Then yesterday happened, where in the refurbished Pro Series 95 .22 pistol (a Stoeger manufactured "Victor/107 Clone") I ordered from OFM/High Standard Firearms USA arrived at my LGS. After unboxing it, looking it over for a while, then inserting a "creative dry firing barrel protector", I pulled the trigger (it was already cocked apparently). Then I tried to pull the slide back... Nope, it seemed frozen or locked solidly in place. I thought I had been sold & sent a piece of junk, and I wasn't happy about it. Eventually I did the push with one hand, pull the slide with the other, and it finally opened. So when I got home I started looking at things closer. Then early this morning I got on RFC and found this thread, and discovered (part of) the real reason I was having so much difficulty cocking the hammer. So in reality I wasn't sold & sent junk. Maybe HS had, and still has good reasons for the unusual hammer geometry that makes these hard as heck to cock, but I'm thinking it's a design flaw of sorts? The Supermatic's aren't hard to cock, none of my other 22's are hard to cock, so WHY do these have to be so freaking difficult? OK, my rant is over, back to normal...
I sure hope this thing shoots OK...
I have one just like it and have had no problems with it but is just as hard to open the slide & cock as my High Standard Victor
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