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An interesting rifle but one that makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up as well.Before I paid that kind of money for it I would want to eye ball the gun in person to make sure the overall craftsmanship cried mauser.One thing that makes me wonder is why would mauser make this rifle as it kind of seems as a step backwards when you already have an action that is grooved for a scope why would you produce a gun with an ungrooved action and mount a scope on it in this fashion.As most private gun ownership was banned during the war in Germany and I don t think a sporting 22would be high on anyone's priority at the time, Ibelieve it was made after the war by a talented smith with parts he had on hand(or could come up with) at the time who knows maybe for an allied soldier station for a time Germany when the country was being rebuilt.All and all it would be a nice gun to have in a collection

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