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Vortex crossfire 2-7 rimfire

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Dicks had a 20% off sale Monday morning so I got a Vortex Crossfire 2-7 x 32 rimfire scope for $103 plus tax.

Initial impression is its OK. Glass is clear but only when you are looking straight thru (obviously you should anyway). If you look at an angle it tends to get a white out or cloudy look. Never experienced that with my Weaver, Leupolds, or Nikons. Also different is the tint, its not green but a purpleish tint on the glass. Guess they use a different coating then those other brands.

Speaking of cloudy, on the bottom half of the bell there is a white hazey stain. looks like someone spilled white paint on it and mostly cleaned it up but not completely. Not terribly noticeable so I live with it. Eye relief is good as advertised.

Hopefully I will get to the range Saturday and give it a try.
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