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Well I posted some of my information in a previous thread, including serial #'s, so I don't think I'll repost all of the material, however I will say that I have three Brnos which have model 2 receivers and model 1 stamped barrels in the 48000 range serial numbers. Although I do not have documentation, I had verbal verification from two different sources that two of these rifles were purchased new in 1957 from a gun shop in Canada. I don't know for sure, but I don't believe that my rifles were Eygptian contract rifles, or if they were, they were never issued and ended up being sold new, in the box to civilians in Canada. I was told they came with "model 2" milled bottom magazines. They have transverse, dovetailed front sights, 6 groove rifling. Two of my rifles could almost pass for new and have very nicely figured stocks, nicer than average. I also have a 1974, serial # 33029, Model 5 stamped barrel, 12 groove rifling, can't remember the front sight, will have to check, walnut stock. If I've missed anything please let me know, always willing to answer what I can.
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