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Originally Posted by Smoothtrigger View Post

Look at the D.I.P. picatinny rail accessory.


It will give you an increased range of mounting positions, and you won't have to mess around with dovetail mounts and all their issues.
Notice that my scope is mounted a full inch further forward than any dovetail mount could achieve.
How does adding the DIP rail figure into the "what height scope rings do I get" question? Have you found a formula for determining ring height required using that DIP rail and an XX objective 'scope?

I plan to get a 455 and use either a fixed power Sightron 36x or Weaver 36x on it. My rifle will be used 99% off a bench at 50 yards. I am hoping those two will work okay at 50 yards...I've been using those successfully on my 100 yf CF benchrest rifles so I am "used" to them.

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