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Originally Posted by Sid Post View Post
I'm looking for a 'good' 22 WSM auto-loader and have been considering the Magnum Research variants. Are they pretty accurate and reliable or, do I need to up the budget considerably?

I have the Magnum Research MLR-22WMBW - Black Walnut stock with a carbon fiber barrel. Only negative was the standard Ruger trigger, however a Brimstone Tier II upgrade (2.2 lbs) really makes this a fun off-hand shooting 22 WMR. It's very light and shoulders like it was custom fit for me. Their manual states they will only warrant the use of 40 grain ammo, however I have shot 30 & 35 grain ammo with no problems what-so-ever.

I also have a CZ 512 American which I also like but it does have a heavier, crisp breaking trigger; but once one gets familiar with it is also very accurate and shoots all 22 WMR ammo I have tried.

I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other as I like both for different reasons.
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