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Originally Posted by OldWolf View Post
I had forgotten about this thread, but last night I began thinking about spare parts once again for my SA22. Never know when semi-auto parts will be hard to find.

Seems to me parts needed are-
-extractor cross pin and spring (I nearly lost my pin awhile back!)
-assortment of necessary springs - TBD
-firing pin

There must be more. What did I miss?

Also, I believe most of these parts are cross compatible with the LR and Short models of the rifle.
I used to indulge into that keep it going forever/spare parts back up notion with several guns that I've owned. Never used any of them and eventually sold them off.
Fact is, any parts finding problem will belong to some far in the future owner. At 66, I'm well aware of my mortality. I'm not going to run forever.
If you do feel that you need spares, I'd add the little parts related to barrel lock up.

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