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Yep, have had mine for going on 2 years but not shot a lot so likely still breaking in. It likes to be run wet, but not dripping. All Ive been using is HV bulk pack, mostly the plated bullets. Decently accurate in the playing around Im doing these days. I wanted a 1911 in 22, tired of big bores and chasing reloading brass.
Early versions had some issues, later have worked out most though individual guns can still be cranky.
The sights are plastic, do not over torque the locking screw
The barrel doesnt float, it is locked down in back to the frame and the barrel bushing looks the same but functions a bit differently.
It is a 'series 80' design and anyone familiar with working on the s-80 1911 can work the trigger. Mine has been 'cleaned up'/simplified but still has a bit of 'disconnector click'. It functions somewhat as my first stage at this point and breaks clean soon after.
I fit a set of 1911 G10 grip panels, only had to relieve the right one a bit more for the ambi-safty. The grip screws are metric, you have to change the screw bushings for trick screws; some say the bushing threads now are metric also. I dont know, I used the oem screws.
There is a fair amount of info online and some specialty suppliers of various parts. The 80% interchangeable thing is kind of optimistic, imo.
I like mine but friend Charlie recently got the Walther version and likes it better. After a few years we may have some comparison conclusions.

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