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Imo if Ruger would’ve made the American in 17wsm instead of the expensive 77 series it would be more popular as more people would have bought and could justify a more affordable rifle that’s gonna shoot really tight groups with very limited ammo choices. I think the big issue is manufactures are putting out very little ammunition options for this round so nobody wants to produce rifles for it. I sure don’t want to buy a rifle and find out it doesn’t shoot good with the three,four, or five options that are only manufactured for it. And also nobody local carries the ammo in stock because it’s not a popular round. I think it has a lot more going for it if a few more manufacturers would make some cheap production guns like the American and put out couple dozen different types of ammo. I’ve had a couple of 17 center fires and I’m not big fans of them. Too much drama with reloading with the thin case necks imo. Last one I had was a limited edition 17 Rem in a stainless 700. I ended up selling it and Using the profits To buy a POF P415 5.56 for a couple hundred bucks more and the 14.5” barreled POF believe it or not shoots tighter groups. The first time I hear Ruger makes an American and 17 WSM I’ll be buying one.

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