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I genuinely don't understand the firearm world. It is full of paradox, cz built its reputation on old world craftsmanship. Traditional wood and deep beautiful bluing at a price that seemed almost to good to be true.

As it progressed it went more and more tacticool, and while I understand the market is changing its also a crowded market. Seems like everybody and their brother has an ugly amorphous prs or tacitard rifle. While it seems prudent to chase that segment, don't give up on the core consumer. When the tactitard phase goes out, will they still have the core group covered.

They make a 17 Remington, a far less popular cartridge than the 17 wsm at least in availability. They release more and more custom handguns into a very crowded market, but scoff traditional markets or potential new ones. (my guess is they just truly lack any form of engineering prowess)

Leupold is in a similar tract with the lrp and vx freedom lines.

Then out of left field ruger releases super oddball 57 pistol, my guess it will sell really well initially. But what about a face lift on the mag, that would likely sell pretty well and the tooling exists. Or some modern autoloader of the 44 carbine.

Just curious who the demographic is that they are all chasing. My main hobby is guns and hunting, and a lot of money is spent on it. But its going more and more to boutique companies as they are wiling to get in front of my needs as a consumer.
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