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Welcome to the forum, Retired MSG, and thank for your service to our country.
I have a No. 20 Marlin, which is very similar to your M47. It is a wonderfully simple design, mostly the work of a firearms genius, Lewis Hepburn. The action is unlocked by pressing on the rear of the firing pin. Most exposed hammer pump rifles work the same way. If yours still won't unlock after doing this, it sounds like you may have a firing pin issue. You can still take it down, and after doing so, it's pretty obvious how everything works. the bolt is easily removed after disconnecting it from the pump rail, and then you should be able to check the firing pin for damage. If the takedown screw is hard to turn, try a little soaking with penetrating oil. You may have to very carefully use some pliers to get it started. Just be sure to pad everything so you don't damage the knurling or bluing.
Good luck with it. WB
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