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Originally Posted by xtriggerman View Post
I just recently found out how rare the 47's are. The book stated they were never offered for direct sale to the public. They were strictly a promotional gift to anyone who bought a certain amount of Marlin stock. I have one that was in a fire and need wood. Talk about hen's teeth!!!
I don't think anyone really knows how rare any of the Marlin pumps are - I actually have seen more Model 47's than some of the other Models, or variations of models. I talked to an old Marlin collector about rarity of the pumps and all he had to say was that "all Marlin pump 22's are rare". Try and find a 29-N, a 32, a 20-S, a 25 or 25-S, I rate those in rarity with the 47's, or some even rarer. I'm still looking for a reasonably priced nice 29-N. (can trade a 47 with decent case colors but a cracked stock as part of a deal).
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