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Model 47 Disassembly and Help

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I'm new here (lucky stumble into a link looking for info on Browning Buck Marks), and I registered immediately once I got a look at the info available here.
I have a Marlin Model 47, a family heirloom. I have had it for a few years and it shot like a champ. I have two issues with it now though - I have no idea how to take it apart to clean it thoroughly, and my last trip to the range I worked the pump and it "locked" in the rear or open position. I'm hoping this is dirty rather than something having broken, but without knowing how to pull it apart (and of course reassemble it) I wasn't willing to mess with it. I have set it aside for a couple months. If I can do this myself I'll be really happy, rather than go to gunsmith, and of course even if it needs repairs I'd like to know how to take it apart field strip at least.
Any advice, or link to pertinent thread? I've looked a bit so far but haven't found a thread that spells it out for me.
Thanks in advance for any help
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