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Originally Posted by deevemon View Post
Thanks, Dan. I'll check that out.
Well, I checked with Cabela's, and they have them in stock. The problem is Cabela's won't ship them to one's home; they have to be picked up at a C.'s store. The closest one to me is Lexington, KY, which is around 3 hrs. one way.

I did find one at the Bass Pro Shop here in East TN. I may end up buying it. There's also one at Guns America with a price a bit lower that others I've seen.

I want a new one. No rational reason, just don't won't one with a history. I also want the gloss stock because Uncle Harley's had that stock.

I'm going to talk with my LGS guy tomorrow and see if he can get me one and then go from there.

Thanks to all you guys who have responded . A great bunch of folks here on RFC!!

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