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Originally Posted by eflyguy View Post
That roll pin isn't on either of my "original" or BX trigger groups.

They are also indistinguishable in any way, from any direction, other than the red trigger blade. Specifically referring to comments above about a "tail" on the hammer.

Edited to add: there is an over-travel set-screw on my CPC'd "OEM" trigger group. You can spot it in my earlier pic. I have yet to shoot it, shame on me. Was waiting for my daughter to come home from military training. Want to take all three I have to compare.
That, which you point out, that looks like a roll pin, is, as far as I can remember, is actually a modified set screw, but you really can't tell from the image. I was putting the rifle together really late last night, so things are starting to get blurry on what was there. Brimstone talks about this in one of their videos. It is for either the hammer, or the trigger, for the new type of spring that they use. It sticks inside just a bit like a ledge for the spring ledge. I suspect it is now more likely for the trigger, because, if I remember correctly, they talk about taking out the OEM Trigger Return Spring and drilling and tapping the hole for an overtravel setscrew.

In the video, they start talking about takeup, and tuning it out in the Tier 1 tuneups, maybe calling it a two stage trigger. I am not sure if it is really a true two stage trigger, as I shoot a lot of two stage triggers and I never associated this trigger with two stage operation. Maybe someone knows and can state whether the stock Ruger trigger is a single or two stage trigger.

I am looking at a second trigger. Right now, if I were to get one, if I wanted a single stage trigger, I might just go with the Brimstone Tier1. If I wanted a two stage, which is what I would likely want, I would probably get a Kidd.


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