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Old 10-20-2021, 09:08 PM
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Going to the range this weekend! Cant wait . Cleaned it up, and adjusted the trigger. Nice light and crisp. The 3x9x40 Nikon Rimfire fits nicely behind the rear sight.

Could never get my hands on a 455 American Barrel , and the 455 / 452 FS in WMR are show guns. So when I saw this I grabbed it. I have a 22lr model , and after I sorted it out its a fine shooter. This one has a much better extractor, so I dont think ill have to do that work.

When I took it down the rear action screw , the one under the trigger plate was not screwed in. And the bolt and trigger were covered with a sticky substance. Well thats all cleaned up , and lubed with Hornady oOne shot Dri lube, a dot of pfte grease on the sear, and all runs smooth as butter on glass. The bore is bright and sharp, and the crown free of burrs. The walnut waxed , in and out. So im ready to go. Got a few boxes of 30 grain vmax, and a bunch of others to try out.
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