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Originally Posted by drover View Post
An overlooked dovetail mount is the Burris Signature rimfire rings. They have the synthetic inserts which are available in different offsets so that the scope can be optically centered but also can be used for increased elevation. The best part of is that they do not leave ring marks on the scope. They come with two different sized clamping lugs, one for 3/8" dovetail or switch to the other one for 11mm dovetails.

Another vote for the Burris Signature with synthetic inserts. Use them on all my rimfires...except T1X after having a larger diameter match barrel installed. The medium rings provided about 1/8" clearance between the OEM barrel and 40 mm objective lens. It now has the DNZ Game Reaper 2- an excellent choice as well and they cost about the same as the Burris rings. The only issue I had with the Burris rings was that the provided screws are a tad short to initially catch the ring screw threads before the inserts are compressed. It could be done, but took a little fiddling to prevent cross-threading. Called Burris CS and they sent longer screws, no charge.
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