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Lead removal from .22 barrels. My favorite subject. I have found... if you don't have a borescope, you are "guessing" at the actual effectiveness of your efforts. The borescope will verify the lead is all gone. Using a bore light, it may appear the grooves are clean, but in reality....they may not be. I have had the best luck with Iosso, JB Bore Paste, and Blue Wonder. Not all lead is created equal. Not all barrels are finished equally. You may have to use several applications of any product to completely remove all of the lead from the barrel. With Blue Wonder, there is a PDF on procedure:


This may take several applications, but letting it set overnight sure beats the heck out of a sore shoulder and elbow. JB Bore Paste is a favorite for many shooters, as well as Iosso. These two actually work, and procedures are varied. I prefer a patch of Kroil after the barrel is cleaned using your standard method. Then a patch wrapped around a worn brush with product applied to the patch. After making sure the barrel is completely saturated with product, anywhere between 25 to 60 laps then clean and inspect with borescope. Refresh product often during each session. Repeat until lead is gone. If you can't see that the grooves are clean with a borescope, repeat procedure. This may take several applications depending on severity of lead buildup. Having used all three products, I do know they work. Having had stubborn lead buildup, I have used all three products to finally get out the lead. If you can't see the grooves, I would suggest using Blue Wonder for a few "overnight" applications first, then Iosso, then JB Paste. Monitor the progress with a borescope for best results and to make sure you are actually removing the lead. Impacted lead (layers of carbon, lead, carbon, lead) in the barrel may require changing products until you find one that starts to make a visible difference, using the borescope. Good Luck! ... AH

PS: I have also found that shooting a dozen or so copper plated CCI mini mags at the end of your range session really does help keep your barrel lead free. Then the lead removal doesn't take "forty forevers". Ha! Whoever suggest using Chore Boy copper pads wrapped on an old brush may be on the right track, but if they think it gets a .22LR barrel totally lead free, they don't have a borescope. After the barrel is absolutely lead free, I would suggest using Flitz as a final step. I think it really does keep the lead from building up so fast, and it makes the barrel easier to clean. Just a suggestion.

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