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Originally Posted by kseatm View Post
I can see where some say these are about on par with the CZs. I don't have an American model CZ in 22LR, which is pretty close in style to this gun. But the two 22 cal. CZs I have (Lux and Full Stock) shoot rings around this one when scoped. Heck, they might do it with peeps, I'll measure some of the targets tonight and compare. I know for a fact my Americans in HM2 and HMR will shoot this gun back into the dark ages. I've got the targets and data to prove it.
Well, Kenny, that still makes it a pretty good shooter. I've got a Cooper 57M that shoots "only" was well as my 452 FS.

The rifle is pretty, and that might inspire you to work on it some. I understand how you feel, though. When you have fine shooting BRNOs and CZs, I don't like messing with a rifle that is "picky."
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