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Originally Posted by spurs101 View Post
Sounds close to my experience in the "seasoning" process. Had to have at least 1200 rounds through it before it settled in. Stuck with CCI for the first couple hundred and did all right...not great but hung with the CZ. Par.....then she slowly settled in, several different ammo test and ended up with Green Tag being bingo and consistantly. I hand feed for the best groups..just sayin.
Oh and that is a fine lookin wood on her - got character. I have a very early production..has black spacer and a redish pad.
Congrats on a fine lookin rifle.
Thanks, I needed that. I was kind of bummed when I wrote my post. I'll try some of the cci. I've never had any luck with it in any gun I've purchased in the last few years. But, I've got some, so I'll try it.

I did hand feed each round, I've found it does make a difference when testing for absolute accuracy.

I will try to shoot it more, but it's kind of hard to do when other rifles I own are more accurate. But, I'll give it a chance. I really do like the looks and feel of the rifle.

Thanks again,

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