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cattle buyer,

I too noticed I have a higher score if I shoot faster. The joystick rest is a huge help in that, as our club matches in .22 benchrest are for score, not for group. W/ a joystick, one can move from one bull to the next bull quickly.

I too think that once the lube in the barrel warms, the bullet placement will shift ever so slightly if the lube cools or worse, if condensation firms in the barrel.

This issue us way more noticeable in precision match rifles, due to the level of repeatability. Basic sporters mask the slight change in POI. The shooter atributes it to wind, holding etc.

Originally Posted by cattle buyer View Post
I sure wish I had the Wolf lube formula as after shooting 50 rounds of wolf I have switched to other ammo ( Fed auto match I think) and the first 5 to 10 round shot like a house afire ! I have also noticed that if I let the barrel cool it shot to a different POI as well, My best groups with mt mod 52 target have been when I held the gun tight and ran or shot as fast as I could ! very best all
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