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For side hammers I think the Renegades fit me best.
Had three of em, last one purchased dirt cheap, killer wood and like new.
A .54 about 6 yrs ago.
I was moving to a new house and a buddy just showed up and dove right in. Had just Moved his kid to a house for college, another in another state.

Was still into "work mode" I guess. Didn't ask, his wife must have told him.

Anyway, since I scored the .54 off a bud for ridiculously low (relative of his didn't want it- bad memories)........I figured I couldn't sell it to anybody.

So when my other bud said he wanted to try muzzleloading I just gave it to him.

The two .50 cals I bought yrs before had plain wood. This .54 was well figured, both sides. Stunning.

Wonder if he poked a deer w it this yr? Roundball .54 is a whopper.
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