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Originally Posted by JTJ View Post
Birchwood Casey Lead Remover Cloth. It works. It will also clean carbon deposits off the SS revolver cylinders.
Lead Remover Cloth works best with cylinder deposits. I have used several brands in the heavily leaded barrels, it's slow......as in Christmas. Kleenbore brand is the one I have found to be the best for lead, although other shooters have found favor with different brands.

Originally Posted by NoSecondBest View Post
Chaser got it right. I've had that same conversation with other barrel makers over the years and with some top shooters also. I don't understand the obsession with cleaning when you don't even know if it's affecting your groups.
Before cleaning, the groups at 50 yards were wayyy too large, due to the crud in the bore.

Originally Posted by Kilerham View Post
Not specifically the .22lr world but a Friend
Sniper and Navyseal told me they do not clean the bore. A seasoned barrel is more predictable.
He said and I quote a built well and right fitted gun shoots the bullet accurately. Not the cleanliness of your pipe. They have long match barrel. Again back to quality parts and build.
I’ve only cleaned one .22 barrel and it’s because it has corrosion in it.
Now dry patching every once in a while is fine to push the dirt and powder residue out of one to prevent corrosion.
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Sniper and Navyseals can probably see the all of the grooves in the leade area where the chamber ends. This is caused by lead buildup in .22 rifles. There were two grooves in the leade area full of lead about 1/2" into the barrel. Usually not a problem with centerfire using jacketed ammo. After any cleaning process, you still have to season your barrel for best accuracy.

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