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Since this gun was supposed to be a ECNO version of the 208, I suspect both these blowback operated TARGET guns were intended for Standard Velocity ammo and not High or Hyper Velocity ammo. When people break a frame slide stop on any gun it tells me that they probably used the wrong ammo. If the slide inertia and the recoil spring along with the energy required to cock the hammer balances against the energy of the fired cartridge then the slide should gently kiss the frame slide stop, not pound on it. There should be no pounding of the frame in recoil and the thickness of the metal is not very important. Obviously we don't want less than common gun metal alloys to be used. But using the right ammo for these target guns can be important for longevity and accuracy.

In today's world Standard Velocity ammo is not common or cheap. Some shooters of these and other fine target guns expect that they can shoot anything. To save the gun you should be using the minimum power ammo in target guns that reliably operates the gun and nothing more powerful.

Anyway that is my opinion and yours may vary.

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