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Colby Bruce

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Iceman, I did not aquire the P-22, 2 barrel set

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Basically, I got out-bid. I drove over to pick it up, the owner was whining about the beating he was taking on it, saying both the store and I were ripping him off, and a customer standing around waiting for a lane overheard the conversation. He paid $250.00 for it, and the owner left, did not purchase another firearm there, and said he never would. The proud new owner sneered at me like he had pulled one over on all of us, bought some .22 L.R. cartridges and headed to his lane. The P-22 did not fire two shots in a row, through the whole box. I suspect mag problems
but said nothing to him. Sorry about that barrel. IF the new owner looks me up wanting to sell I will let you know. The store knows how ot get in touch with me.
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