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Resale value................

My LGS will only pay slightly less than what wholesale price would be and that is for a gun in the box with all accessories and paperwork. Rather than selling items outright, I do better to trade on another gun or item. That usually works best for both parties. On the rare occasion that I simply want to get rid of a gun I put it there on consignment. The shop usually gets about 10% of the selling price. In my experience, pawn shops seem to be stingier and will only pay about one fourth of the real value. I was at a local pawn shop one day when a customer walked in with a briefcase full of Colt pistols and revolvers. He pawned the entire lot for $800 and then never came back to get them out of pawn. I bought two of the Colts, a Model 1903 (.32) and an Officers Model revolver (.22) for a total of $900! And the shop still had 4 or 5 other Colts to sell! Such a deal!
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