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Something different for a steel plate match..........

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My gun club had a rimfire steel plate match yesterday so I decided to take a couple of guns (pistol and rifle) that were a bit "off the wall" so to speak. I took a new KelTec CP33 with the 33 rd mags and a Pietta PSH-50 with a 50 rd drum mag! The PSH-50 is a rimfire lookalike of the Russian PPSH sub machine gun that will spit lots of rounds (semi auto, of course) in short order. However, even with some pretty quick stages I finished that course of fire in 3rd or 4th place. The KelTec will also spit out lots of rounds quickly but for the pistol course, I had to change mags every 10 rounds. The CP33 mags do not drop free but have to be pulled out of the mag well so those times were not too great! However, both guns got lots of attention and were a ton of fun! Maybe next time, I will take my 10/22 Thompson SMG conversion with a 110 rd mag!
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