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Originally Posted by 1917-1911M View Post
I'm not to sure the guy with the good point and shoot isn't ahead of us all.....you sure won't take any pictures if you don't have your camera with you......and all of those adjustments.....1917
I hate to throw a wrench into the equation,,, BUT,,,,,
my latest Samsung phone comes mighty close to the performance of my Nikon D7000,,, Hmmmmm

For posting pics on gun (or tractor) forums,, my phone,,, IS the answer.
The phone is bulletproof, always in my pocket,, and been in use continuously for 1 year now.
NO mirrorless/DSLR/point&shoot could take that abuse and survive a year.
AND,,, it only cost a little under $400

The phone will get in tight places,, and take a pic that none of the 3 others could,,,

This pic of moving precious cargo was taken from 150 feet away,,,

No way I would have had my DSLR with me on this trip to the top of the mountain,,,

Carry a DSLR while digging ditches??? NEVER!!

Just my opinion,,,
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