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Originally Posted by Abwehr
After I saw the photos "chips1433" posted, I disassembled my G22 and found the problem with the Bolt Holdopen not working. The Spring was in a bind and moving it to clear the bind point did the trick!

Now I have lost the Magazine Disconnect Spring!!!, LOL, LOL. It is not funny, but I was trying to be Soooooo carefull not to lose it that I did. I was working on the kitchen counter with a pad underneath so if it fell out it would not roll or bounce off the counter......wrong, it went somewhere.

I guess I will be calling S&W for a replacement and some spares tomorrow! I think I will buy several springs just in case I do this again.
They sent 2 for free. I think the best thing to do in the future is just to remove the springs on both side and place them in a safe place. I would put it on a magnetic tray. That way you can also clean the bolt plate and other parts around that area.
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