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Originally Posted by Abwehr

WOW, this rifle is a PITA to clean.
yes it is! that's the one thing i really dislike about this rifle.

Originally Posted by Abwehr
I finally got everything back together again, but I have one problem. The Bolt Hold Open does not work now. I took it apart again and I think I have the Spring installed incorrectly. Can someone tell me exaclty where and how the Spring is installed? The manual is ZERO help as you can't see the location of the Spring. Your help is appreciated.
it's hard to remember how it goes right off the top of my head. i'd grab my rifle, take it apart, and let you know, but i'm leaving in about 2 minutes to go to the weekly car show down here.

when i get back, i'll check for you, and even take a picture so you can see where it goes. you can expect a post from me if not tonight, tommorow morning
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