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Hello All,

This is my first post here and this looks like a great Forum. I just purchased a G22 and got to the range today. This little rifle is a real tackdriver! Shooting at 50 yds, I could keep the rounds in Silver Dollar diameter. I shot several different brands of ammo, different age ammo and it digested everything without one failure. The only problem I had was 3 rounds out of 200 did not fire and this was the ammo (at least 30 year old Winchester Wildcat lead bullet). The primer was hit well enough, but the round would not fire.

WOW, this rifle is a PITA to clean. I finally got everything back together again, but I have one problem. The Bolt Hold Open does not work now. I took it apart again and I think I have the Spring installed incorrectly. Can someone tell me exaclty where and how the Spring is installed? The manual is ZERO help as you can't see the location of the Spring. Your help is appreciated.

Oh yea, I also own a P22 and P99, plus about 15 other Walther firearms. I have never had any major problems with Walther firearms and the G22 follow suite. I do hate the way the two springs in the action fall out so easy though.
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