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re-zeroing after tightening the set screw

After digging out of the snow today I was able to see how much the front sight had moved after re-tightening the set screw holding it in place. It was getting dark and the wind had subsided a tad so it was just cold (9F) and minimal wind chill and I was motivated by tomorrow being the first race of the season.

I broke 5 shots and had a decent group 4" to the right of the X so I dialed in a 12 clicks of left and sent another 5 rounds. This time the group was a click or two right and a click high. After making the changes I decided to shoot the metal target and see what I had. Dropped 4 of 5 prone so it must be decent. I had my skis on and unloaded the remaining 40 rounds offhand and felt okay shooting with skis under me.

I was pleased the group only moved 4" and came right back in. Not a bad thing either as I usually only move the sights a few ckicks and noe I can add wear to a new thread section.
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