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Well the TOZ had a good nap & I took the barreled action out the stock.
It looks kind of bad at this point.

The stock cleaned up very good with the help of a file, X-actco knife & even a
little Dremel action. I bedded about 1" of the barrel too, the green arrows mark
where the action will be locked into the stock when the receiver screws are
torqued down. This will make it so the receiver can't move forward or back, (that's my theory anyway)
since there is no recoil lug...its just a friction fit from the factory.

I did have a stroke of luck, I still have an old bottle of stain from my 1st stock refinishing kit from when I was a teenager from the 70's....
The old stain matches up, perfectly orange....I think the gun god's want me to keep this TOZ stock orange...
Here is how the rear receiver recoil tang epoxy lug turned out.

Not to bad... may touch it up a little more ???
Shortened a 1/4x28 bolt up & installed it last night....it took a few trial fits 3-4 times.
I even took the "Red Head" out to the range this morning & she shot very well.
Shot my 1st insect with the TOZ @ 50 yards with RWS Target Rifle.


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