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Originally Posted by Jerel View Post

Look here to see the differences.


Notice the difference in the bolt and lock up lugs.
The rear sight dovetail on most rifles are side mounts (#9, 12, 13, & 14). If you are very lucky, you might get a top dovetail (#3 & 8)

Post #2 is a CM2.
Posts #9, 13, & 14 are Ural 1s.
Posts #3, 8, & 12 are Ural 2s.
Post # 15 has CM2 at top and Ural 2 at bottom.

I hope this helps,

Post Nine has my Ural with many photos and details.

I have never handled or seen or fired a better .22 Long Rifle Match Type rifle in my life. I've owned many Anschutz rifles. After the URAL I only credit Anschutz for the HORNET Centerfire. Wish Ural made them too.
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