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The CM-2 threads that started up here more than a year ago started me into thinking buying a used one was worth the effort. When I got it it took me a little time (for $299) to realize it was actually a Ural (number 1) from cdnn instead of an actual CM-2. As time progressed I found the rifle to be super accurate and those with CM-2s found the same amazing accuracy defying more expensive conventional options.

Up to this time there has been a rush to get these rifles and as they kept selling them the prices went up.

I'd buy a used one. We all did and none of us whether we got a Ural or CM-2 ever regretted the purchase except for some models (mine included) that had no easy access to mount a scope to use them with optics.

I've followed the Russian Rifle Forum ever since before my own Ural. During all that time more than a year ago or more I've found that forum with AOM 22 to be the most informative place to research and study tons of threads about the Russian Rifles from the 60s.

I know I cannot shoot any better than my Ural over sandbags with any other rifle. I am not a match silhouette shooter shooting competitions with sandbagged rifles or position rifles using iron sights or scopes.

All I know is my Ural USSR VOSTOK is easily the most accurate .22 LR rifle I have ever owned and beyond it I can't really compare. The trigger itself is less than 2 ounces and I have fired ahead of time on occasion only because I am still trying to get used to the feeling of a trigger that operates so safely and perfectly under extremely light pull weight.

There are new models available, but I honestly don't think the new models offer anything over the Older ones. In fact, I think because they are new they are not made under the same engineering conditions to put them together. Perhaps MIM and CNC and lack of personal touch in makers of these rifles is lost.

I hope this helps. If you want to see pics of my Ural they have been posted into a Sticky along with many others who were with me trying to figure out why some of us ended up with a three lugged bolt and others a regular bolt for getting a "CM-2."

It took us awhile to figure out both the Ural and CM-2 were being sold as "CM-2s" until we figured it out.
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