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Swiss, you're the man! All that was missing was for me to push the pin with spring down while inside the bolt body in order to release them.

Now get this, at one end of my firing pin spring was a "shorter" spring, with only three or four coils of roughly the same diameter wire, interlocked with the last coils of the firing pin spring. I'm pretty sure this was done on purpose 'cause it's visually obvious it's there and I doubt this smaller spring could "fit" anywhere else on the rifle. I think it was positioned toward the back of the bolt, but am not sure since it's late, I'm tired, and I wasn't paying attention as I completed the disassembly. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow or Friday.

Thanks again for taking the time to make and post the vid!!!

Btw. an old rag or towel will make turning the bolt head back on a little easier.
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